5 Things: My most trusted make-up products

These are products that I buy again and again . . .

1) DCT lips
I love lip balm and have tried many different formulas, but I always go back to DCT.

2) Mac Strobe Cream
What it does: brightens, refreshes, evens out skin surface, reflects light and looks great in photos.

3) Chanel Vitalumiere fluid
My all time favorite foundation. I love the bottle, the texture, the colors (especially for medium skin tones) and the radiant and natural effect.

4) Yardley Translucent loose powder
What it does: sets foundation, minimize oiliness, freshens make-up. It has a fine texture at a great price and a little goes a long way. I have been using this powder for myself since I started wearing make-up and carry it in my kit as well.

5) Cotton buds
What it does: I use cotton buds for everything; to blend harsh lines, to smudge eyeliner, to correct mistakes and remove fallout and to separate lashes. Basically they are just super useful for applying and removing make-up.

Guys Do Their Girlfriends’ Makeup

Like many heterosexual relationships, this video chiefly involves men being bumbling idiots, and women being very, very patient.