About Me

MariteCrousAfter completing my fashion design diploma and a make-up course in South Africa, I headed to the UK for work experience. I was soon recruited by Chanel in London, and it was here that I came to love and appreciate the finer details of working with quality make-up products: The lovely “click” sound when closing a compact; the shimmering rows of carefully considered colours; and most importantly how the correctly chosen shade can inspire confidence and beauty.

I love how the subtle changes of a brush stroke can conceal or enhance; can change a mood; create a character and even alter the way we see ourselves. I love creating a flawless complexion, emphasizing someone’s eyes, and painting a pair of perfect lips…and I love that anyone can be daring without too much commitment; after all, it washes off.

In 2009 I added to my skills by completing a course in hair styling. Approaching hair from my background as make-up artist, I always assumed that if the face is a canvas, adorned with brilliantly placed brush strokes, then surely a beautiful hairstyle should create the perfect frame; presenting, enhancing and finishing the ensemble. I have learnt that the art of styling hair goes beyond creating a frame and is more comparable to sculpture. The process of styling is what inspires me; shaping, moulding, adding texture, boosting volume and finally balancing the composition.

I am inspired to study the latest techniques and styling tools and enjoy combining product and process to create the desired effect. Always excited to see how an idea evolves on each individual . . .